Machinery Details


Cutting Line


ully automated cutting cycles are programmed, stored and controlled by a dedicated industrial  computer which can be interfaced with remote PCs. These machines are manufactured by one of the best European manufacturers using the latest technology in Steel cutting.


Automatic Bending Machine


URF is equipped with the latest bending machines capable of carrying out all forming operations on iron bars for reinforced concrete in fully automatic cycle. The working operation can be performed in automatic, semi-automatic or manually.


Stirrup Machine


utomatic Stirrup Bender, bidirectional, electronically controlled for the production of small and medium sized stirrups, able to produce cut to length bars, as well as bent/shaped bars with bends on one side, up to a length of 12m.

The Straightening technology guarantees maximum flexibility and quality within specific production requirement.


Threading Machine


he Dextra machines used for the threading forged ends of reinforcement bars perfectly connecting with Dextra couplers. This machine is designed to cut rebar threads different sizes ranging from 12mm-40mm diameters