Vision, Mission & Objectives


  • Collectively striving for excellence and in doing so, set towering standards.
  • Continuously striving to be a world renowned supplier in the construction industry and provide supreme products based on the clients requirements, coupled with 100% accuracy rate.
  • Ensure maximum return-on-investment to URF stakeholders and partners.


  • To achieve unparalleled levels of professional excellence, reliability and quality in all business dealings.
  • To be graded as one of the top cut & bend factory in the region and set benchmarks in the construction industry.
  • Continuously contribute to the success of the UAE’s construction sector and be part of the country’s on going success story.


  • Embrace constant development, enhancement, growth and knowledge in order to surpass competition.
  • Constantly set realistic targets that not only reaps maximum benefits to the organization but to the employees as well.
  • Emphasize on quality, best manufacturing processes and integrated management procedures.